More ESPN Radio genius-ness

Listening to ESPN Radio coming into work today, I caught a clip of Colin Cowherd doing his usual A-Rod bashing.  Paraphrasing, he said “A-Rod left Seattle, Seattle got better.  He left Texas, Texas got better.”  And on that particular show, he probably railed on for a while about how A-Rod was a choke artist and killed his childhood cat.

Well, Seattle did get better the year after A-Rod left, winning 116 games but still bowing out to the Yankees in the ALCS in five games.  The year before, their season ended in the ALCS in six games while that dog-choking cat murderer hit .409 (9-for-22) with 2 HR and 5 RBI.

But the M’s were a full 25 games better the year after A-Rod left and took his selfish clubhouse-killing self elsewhere.  Of course, the fact that Seattle added both Bret Boone (who hit .331/.372/.578 with 37 HR) and Ichiro (.350/.381/.457) had nothing to do with it.  At all.  Actually, it’s a proven fact that had A-Rod still been there, Boone would have gone .242 with 12 HR and Ichiro would have gone back to Japan in mid-May.  Seriously.

And by the way, after 2003 the Mariners have been teh suck.  They won 93 games without Choke-Rod in 2002 and 2003 (missing the postseason both years) and have had a winning record only once since then.  So really, the Mariners have not gotten better since A-Rod left.  They made the playoffs twice with him; they’ve made it once without him.

But maybe Colin is right about Texas.  Let’s find out.

As it happened with Seattle, the year after A-Rod left showed a marked improvement as the Rangers went 89-73, an 18-game improvement.  The next year, however, they went right back to sub-.500 baseball.  You see, that’s what happens when your pitching staff is crap.


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